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Learn comics

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How to create comics

How to use comics while working with youth

How to create comics working sheet is made for teachers or workers with youth who would like to engage their class in comics creation. 

Below, you will find six photographs with empty comics bubbles or windows where your pupils shall fill in direct speech, thought or other text or picture. All photographs come from Bangladesh where ADRA Czech Republic implements long term educational programmes in slum called Chalantika. Each of the photographs is preceded by a short introduction into the topic in relation to actual situation in Bangladesh. The topics are based on the sustainable development goals. 

The worksheet may be filled in by pupils individually or in groups. They shall use their fantasy to fill in the empty spaces.

UPCOMING E-LEARNING will be published here

We believe that comics is a powerful tool for working with youth as it motivates them to analyze, think critically, and be creative. To support its usage among teachers and workers with youth, we will create e-Learning, guiding them on how to start.